In order to enhance the reading power of South Asian literature and gather the groups interested in Southeast Asia, we will work with the literary consultants to select “Reading the Reading Plan of South East Asian Literary Readings” Literary forum “of the six focus of the writer’s representative works, and Taiwan translator translated into Chinese readable Chinese, edited into” read the reading of Southeast Asian literature, “lay a preliminary and solid foundation for the understanding of Southeast Asian literature, on the one hand as an activity textbook Use, but also will become a literary material that can accumulate in the future. This concrete publication will help Taiwanese to enter Southeast Asian literature more easily.

At the same time, we will allocate different themes according to the nature of the six invited writers’ works. Under the three themes – “Memory of the Postwar,” “South Island Viewpoints,” and “Tropical Literary Landscapes,” we will review the historical, linguistic and geographical perspectives Cut in and plan lectures, conduct talks with Taiwanese writers, and let Southeast Asian literature and contemporary Southeast Asian politics and life be more deeply known to Taiwanese readers, exchange different ways of thinking and stimulate new sparks