Walis Nokan

Walis Nokan is an Atayal writer originally from Mihuo tribe. He has been in charge of the Research Center for Taiwan Aboriginal and Humanities Studies and the publication Hunter’s Culture since 1990. He currently teaches in Taichung. The subject and genre of Walis Nokan is varied, extending to poetry, prose, essay and reportage. He has published numerous works and received prominent awards including Wu Zhuo-liu Literature Prize, and the United Daily News Prize. Walis Nokan often blends focal songs and rhythms of the aboriginals into his works, creating not only a literary style that skillfully balances between Chinese and the aboriginal sound, but also the collective memory and history of aboriginal culture.

TAIPEI  03.03  SAT 10:30  Malaysia X Taiwan
Southern Perspective : On Ethnic Politics and Identity Issues through Poetry in Native Language

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