In order to unite and enhance Taiwan writers ‘understanding of Southeast Asian literature, we invited invited Taiwanese writers and invited translators from Southeast Asia to hold “Writers’ Guide to Meet with Each Other” to recognize Southeast Asian literary works together. Southeast Asian literary translation project translation “reading, presented in public sections of the way. At the same time, in order to enable participating people to have a more comprehensive understanding of Southeast Asia, we will give consideration to taking root in depth and promoting diversification. We will form an alliance with the “Open-Contemporary Art Work Station” and plan the “Malaysia Text Reading Club” The text has been combed and discussed. It has accumulated substantial cultural achievements through translation, reading, discussion and writing. It has taken root deeply and cultivated a solid seed of Southeast Asian literature. Another party, Yan Fang, also planned a more interactive and promotional “mobile storyteller” workshop. Two new Southeast Asian immigrants / new two generations from different cultural backgrounds are invited to discuss and plan two different sets of “mobile storytellers” urban workshops in Southeast Asia.