CHUNG Wen-Yin is a writer, painter, photographer, and a full time writer. Her rich experience in residency programs over the world allowed her to cultivate a unique perspective that intricately combines the local and the international. She is the author of story collections Two People in One Day, The Past, Diary for You, Yesterday Reemerging, Old Appearances of Young Ladies, and Cities for Lovers. Her novel Island Trilogy Decayed Lust, Decayed Life, Decayed Land, the voluminous books encompassing more than one million characters have been translated into foreign languages and praised as the most ambitious literature work about Taiwan’s history up to this day. CHUNG is the recipient of a dozen literary awards, including Wu San-Lien Literature Prize, one of Taiwan’s most important literary awards.

TAIPEI  03.03  SAT 13:30  Thailand X Taiwan
Literary Landscapes from the Tropical : Asia City Writings

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